Cash Positive Financing

Every company has a mission to achieve Sustainability.  As they create annual budgets, every department is fighting over the same dollar. The resultant behaviors are predictable:  

1. Company does nothing

2. Company implements in multiple phases over extended timeframe

3. Company reduces scope to one technology squandering additional savings opportunities

4. Company bids project deciding based upon lowest initial cost rather than long-term cost of ownership 

None of these solutions is in a company’s best interest.  Jones Consulting Services, LLC solves this problem.  With access to virtually unlimited capital, we fund all upfront costs to achieve Sustainability.  Our vetted and award winning Jones Technology Partners provide comprehensive savings using proven technology.  We create greater savings than your repayment cost making our clients Cash Flow Positive the moment equipment is installed.  Serving all Commercial markets, allow us to increase cash flows while upgrading to Sustainability.  It’s a no-brainer!

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