“I am solicited regularly by 20 or 30 companies who operate in the same space as you.  This is the first time I’ve actually heard a unique value proposition.  Congratulations to you, Travis.  Your difference adds value to how we work.”

-E.K., Large County Government, Deputy Chief Operating Officer


“We not only said “no thank you” but were more like “hell no!” when Travis Jones approached us about Cash Positive Financing. A few months later, we had a client who asked if we could finance their project. I’m sure we surprised Travis by bringing him into our project. He provided a webinar for our client and combined our lighting retrofit savings with an incredible controls technology we never knew existed. The client was so impressed by his value proposition he asked if we could be his business partner!”

“Our competitor who simply offered project financing could not compete. We now have a signed term sheet thanks to partnering with Jones Consulting Services, LLC. We look forward to a long relationship with Travis.”

-Charlie, National Account Distributor, Managing Partner


“Our retail client considered upgrading two locations to LED lighting.  A colleague told us about Jones Consulting Services, LLC, and we reached out to Travis Jones.  He held a webinar for our client and introduced us to Cash Positive Financing, and it changed their thinking.  In addition to LED lighting upgrades, they want to use his HVAC controls technology partner. They also want to upgrade ALL facilities!

Working with Travis has caused us to rethink our sales approach.  We have brought him into several new opportunities because his unique business model eliminates potential budgetary delays, saves more energy than converting to LED lighting, and eliminates our competition.”

-Jamaal, Electrical Distributor Owner


“I brought Jones Consulting Services, LLC into a large faith-based opportunity. Because my client’s long-term strategic goals were a limiting factor, we were planning multiple phases to only upgrade to LED lighting. When Travis finished his webinar, they were enthusiastically on board with campus-wide lighting, controls and HVAC system upgrades!”

“Through Cash Flow Positive financing, they do not have to trade caring for the poor with improving their facilities. I am very excited to have a resource that allows them to focus on doing good works!”

-Ted, Lighting Salesperson


“I was initially skeptical because project financing is not new, and I didn’t know if my customers would find value in this.  After personally witnessing his presentation, I can see why people are excited.  One customer was so enthusiastic, they asked Travis to change his travel plans and stay overnight to present at their sales meeting.  The next morning, the owner attended and LOVED his financial selling strategies mandating all their locations receive training and use Jones Consulting Services, LLC!”

-Taylor, Lighting Agency Owner


“We represent several manufacturers, and Jones Consulting Services, LLC allows us to position them more effectively.  Our sales team facilitated meetings with important retrofit and new construction customers, and the feedback has been very positive.  Travis is on to something, and we are excited about the value added opportunities in which his company will assist.”

-Greg, Lighting Agency President


“I’ve spent most of my career using Simple Payback calculations as the best tool to influence customer conversions.   After listening to Travis Jones present his financing options, watching my customers react, and running energy savings with his payment options, I no longer lead with Simple Payback.  My new strategy is lead upgrade discussions using specialty financing options from now on.”

-David, Lighting Agency Director


“Travis Jones presented to our agency, and we were impressed with his innovative strategy. Then I took him to see my customers, and they were very excited!  The New Construction Option and the cash savings it delivers was met with great enthusiasm.  Our agency is fortunate to represent Jones Consulting Services, LLC.”

-Mel, Lighting Agency Salesperson


“I received an emergency call from my architect whose client sought financing.  The original finance company failed to meet local lighting and energy codes which put the owner in a terrible bind.  I brought in Jones Consulting Services, LLC, and together we quickly provided a code compliant lighting and controls solution.  The client’s energy savings was greater than his monthly finance payment. He retrofitted his offices and increased cash flow.  Including their next phase, we will have converted a $2,000,000 project and could not have done it without Jones Consulting Services, LLC!”

-Lev, Lighting Agency Salesperson


“As a lighting agent, we are constantly seeking a competitive advantage.  Exclusively representing Jones Consulting Services, LLC gives me an edge against my competitors.  Using their specialty financial options, we no longer lose out to very low end products just because the payback was attractive. I have worked with Travis Jones extensively, and we have moved customers from small phase retrofits to upgrading all their facilities using quality products.  It’s been exciting to see how receptive end-users and distributors are to his programs.  We have built goodwill and a sizeable sales pipeline in a very short time.”

-Mark, Lighting Agency Salesperson