Can Energy Upgrades Help Decimated Budgets?

A school in the Midwestern United States was wrestling with a common problem: They sought campus-wide sustainabilty upgrades but did not have the funds to achieve them. We formulated a cash flow positive proposal based on the work of our technology partners in LED lighting, Controls, and HVAC Coatings. The total cost was $1.7M, the lease term length was 10 years, and they were $567 cash flow positive on a monthly basis.

Understandably, the project went on hold due to COVID-19, and that is when inspiration struck. Clients do not pay any upfront costs, and create monthly cash flow from the energy and maintenance savings. Since their budget was decimated, freeing up usable cash was very desirable. By lengthening the lease term from 10 to 15 years, the school’s monthly projected cash flow changes from $567 to $4,994 – a whopping 880% increase!

In these challenging times, the school’s predicament is similar to everyone’s. Should you wait until better times or act now? What are the consequences? How do they impact the environment?

The Cash Positive Financing model is supported by market leading Capital, Technology, and Installation partners. There are very few buildings where substantial energy and maintenance savings are not achievable. Older systems need to be replaced, and now might be the very best time to move forward. Take advantage of our model, and maximize cash flow during these most challenging financial times.